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Pioneer Valley Summer Soccer League

Pioneer Valley Summer Soccer League

Welcome to the 2022 season !!

We are exciting that this is the 40th year of the PVSSL!!

Team Registration information for the 2022 is open!! 

This is just for TEAMS!! Individual players do not register.  Players must find a team to participate. 


Start organizing  your rosters!!

Confirm your Home field!!

Order uniforms!!

Registration this season:

  • Coaches/Managers will be responsible for registering  teams- Team Division, Team name, team color uniform and home field.

New this season!!

  • Coaches are responsible for  filling in their rosters with player names, waivers and pictures.  Coaches will not send players the link, they are responsible for completing their own rosters.


  • Season will commence the week of June 13th. 


  • Playoffs will be the first full week of August. Finals will be August 5th for Adults and August 6th for High schools. 


 All registrations, rosters, schedules and standings are on-line! 

Please read important information below!

2022 Summer League Divisions:

  • Adult Men- Open league
  • Adult Women- Open league 
  • High School Boys & Girls- A & B 

Team Registration link: coming ASAP

Adults season will begin  June 13th

The league makes every effort to schedule the adult games on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.  This can not be guaranteed 

High school season begins June (TBA)

High school teams will play any weeknight Monday thru Friday. 

Any questions please send an email 

Registration information 2022

In order to register your team, the manager will be required to know:

  • Team Name
  • Uniform color
  • home field (along with any restrictions to your field).
  • Pay the registration fee’s

Coaches require the following information to complete your rosters:

  • Current picture- color,head shot 
  • Signed waiver 
  • Coaches NEED to be specific about which team and division they are registering. 
  • Divisions: 
    • Adult Men
    • Adult Womens
    • HS Boys A
    • HS Boys B
    • HS Girls A 
    • HS Girls B

Reporting scores

The winning team reports the score. If the game is tied after regulation then the home team calls in the score.

Scores must be called in by 9:30 PM no exceptions, late scores results in a $10 fine for the offending team.

Scores report to:

Please indicate the following:

Date played


Away team and the score

Home team and the score

Weather advisory information

We are a summer league!

The Pioneer Valley Summer Soccer League is accustomed to these very hot and humid days in the summer. 

We do not reschedule game because of the summer weather!

We kick off our games no earlier than 6:30 in the evening for these reasons. 

Please make sure that your players hydrate prior to the game. 

Make substitutions  often

High schools use the time out that each team gets per half. 

The officials will provide water breaks per half for the high school games.  The halves are 35 min long for HS

Adults play 40 min. halves - water breaks per temps and pre-game discussion 

If your team is short numbers and requires additional water breaks then this can be accommodated. 

Please discuss this with the officials and the opposing coach prior to the game. 

The PVSSL allows High School teams to carry 35 player roster to assist with these situations.  

Adults carry 27 players

Safety is our #1 priority so if you require additional water breaks or stoppages please communicate with the officials 

The Registration "Welcome" is not currently available.



Team registrations will commence in April 2022 and close at the end of May. 

  • Adults league play starts the week of June 13
  • High schools league play starts in June  (TBA) 

Roster close after the first week of play for each division. 

  • Adults can not make any changes to rosters after the first week of games. 
  • High Schools can not make any changes to rosters after the first week of games .

Schedules will be posted on the site .

If you have questions you may contact Commissioners Dianna & Chris Kolodziey by email or telephone.  

All registrations, fees and waivers need to be submitted. 


Foremost Amateur Western Mass Summer Soccer League for Adult and High School Age Players since 1983

William Kolodziey Jr. Founder of the PVSSL 40th Year!!

New! Please Review Rules and Regulations 2022!!


NEW! Team Registrations  for adults and high schools will all be on-line.  We are making adjustments to this process for 2022.

Registrations will open up in April 2022

NEW!- Each coach/manager is responsible to:

  • Start-Register your team  
  • Name of Team
  • Home Field- black out dates included
  • Players ( roster participants) - fill this in
  • Players colored picture- add to the platform
  • Playe Waivers- up load
  • Review the Rules and Regulations

Coaches/Managers are responsible for having all players  sign waivers.

No Player will be allowed to  play without a Signed Waiver.~No Acceptions!! 

Registration fee is required to enter the League- see League info 

Forfeit fees will be on deposit with the league- see league info 

New! Please Review Rules and Regulations 2022